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Massimo on guitar

Marion at the piano

Trix on the mic


an den Drums

Tom on bass


Inspired by a street musician, I learned to play the guitar as a child. I've played in various bands, but also in the Zurich Big Band for a few years. Musically, however, I could never really commit myself. I was looking for something special. Now I enjoy the wide range of musical styles and like to accompany Perlmuet's funny and touching songs.

Perlmuet Band, Marion Achour

I come from a classical background but feel comfortable in pretty much any genre as long as it's melodic. I also compose and write lyrics, so I didn't want to be in a cover band.  I was looking for a challenge, which Perlmuet can now offer me. I can be creative here and also bring in my own songs. 

Perlmuet Band, Beatrix Burgermeister

I am the composer, lyricist and singer of Perlmuet.  Everything that moves me somehow flows into my music. I find inspiration everywhere in everyday life. I don't really have a style, the only thing that always remains is the dialect. 

Of course I also had my voice trained. First with Eva Gisler and then with Ingrid Lukas. 

Drummer Photo Tom_edited.jpg

Meine Leidenschaft zur Musik habe ich in der Tanzmusikband entdeckt. Doch nach über 20 Jahren auf der Bühne erfolgte ein Neubeginn in einer Blues- & Rock Band, in der ich ebenalls einige Jahre den Takt angegeben habe.

Dann bin ich Perlmuet begegnet und geblie-ben. Mir gefallen die diversen Rhythmen der Eigenkompositionen, die Geschichten aus dem Alltag erzählen, welche wir alle schon einmal erlebt haben.

Tom Perlmuet_edited.jpg

I first played as a bass player in various bands  for a few years. After that I was a rhythm guitarist with the band A Fine Affusion for many years. Apart from another engagement, I mainly play and pluck the bass at Perlmuet.

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